As I mentioned previously, flute making is not my profession. It is sort of a labor of love. Each flute has a different story to me. There is not much money that is made making a flute if you actually calculated hours of time spent. I use a variety of wood from soft to hard, aromatic cedar to exotics, as you will see in my flute photos. However, anything is possible with custom flutes, just ask.

Primarily my flutes have the flue in the flute with a square bottom fetish. My fetishes include a wolf head, walking bear, basic bird, traditional bird, horse head and fancy bird.


I use top quality dried lumber, deerskin or top grain leather for lashings, deer antlers for beads, and feathers for decorating. I offer flutes in the key of G, G#, F, F#, A and D. The bores of this flute are either 3/4 or 7/8. Measurement of 1 1/8, and 1/2 to follow in the future or if requested. All of my flutes are handmade by me with a router and spoke shaves so they will not be perfectly round as on a lathe. I prefer the primitive look and feel. Each and every flute has a different sound and look.


I use the best glue available, waterproof for moisture. Each and every flute is sealed inside and out with boiled linseed oil. Then the flutes are left to dry (days if necessary) before the exterior is sprayed with a high quality polyurethane. Then 320 or 400-grit sandpaper between finished or synthetic steel wool is used.


All flutes are tuned in a pentatonic scale using an electronic Korg chromatic tuner. Care is taken in the tuning process to produce a concert-tuned flute. However, different regions of the world may change the tune due to humidity and such. Before any flutes leave my care, they are played. I check for imperfection in sound. Quality of sound and feel of flutes. If I am not happy, the flute goes into the scrap box. I am very picky and will only deliver a quality flute. The sounds from my flutes will please your ears and soul.



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